Sunday, March 15, 2009

What is this Site?

This site is meant to serve as a kind of informal travel guide, particularly for the average person, since I have managed to do a lot of quality traveling in my life despite never being in the Conde Nast economic class.

About my “average person” credentials: As I write this I am 38 years old and supporting my family of three on a single middle-class salary. Before Erika gave birth to Sarah, she too was working, and therefore we had more income and no dependants except our pets…but we were still a typical young couple and never rich.

About my travel taste: I love traveling in all its forms, whether I’m hiking a wilderness trail or waking down Madison Avenue, whether I’m sipping margaritas in Key West or red wine in Sonoma Valley. I simply love to see and experience what this earth has to offer, both far away and close to home, because as far as I know you only live once.

This site uses my own experiences to be informative. Sometimes I might write about a town I’ve visited, and other times I might write about a specific inn or specific park. I might write something like “best seafood restaurants” or “best Irish pubs” I’ve visited. This site is a work in progress, but its content will always be serious and meant to help. I hope you like it and find it useful.

Except for the pictures that include both of us, all pictures on The Continuous Tourist were taken by me or Erika unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Hey John, nice to meet you! I hope you and your family continue to be Continous Tourists! How wonderful if you can show this great land to your daughter! Gus and I are middle class also and we raised 4 kids on his salary which was even more meager back then. Now my kids are all grown with grandkids and I just love to show them the world. Plus, now I am getting to experience a lot more of it myself and travel has come to be the thing I value above anything material. I wish you many safe and happy travels! And may you find many friends along the way!